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About Aarhus

In the heart of Jutland, situated on its Eastern coast, you will find Aarhus, the capital of Jutland and Denmark's second largest city with a population of appoximately 285,000 inhabitants. The culture is lively and youthful, mainly owing to the city's large student population (approx. 20,000).

Despite its long history Aarhus remains young at heart! The city was founded in the Viking Age as an open trading station at the mouth of the local river. Today the café environment along the river is one of the most popular gathering places in the city attracting local residents and guests alike.

In short, Aarhus is an educational and cultural centre and its very soul is a charming blend of the atmospheres of a provincial town and an active city, which will make you feel welcome and at home. Scattered around the city you will find many restaurants, bars and cafes, many of which are located at the river and suited for all kinds of budgets.

Aarhus really is a remarkable place and among the greatest experiences it offers are such intangible qualities as atmosphere and spirit. These can be felt in the city's streets and lanes, at music venues, in the old part of the city, the "Latin Quarter", in the restaurants and cafés which connect the city to the sea, where the most daring Vikings bathe all year round while others are content to take a sailing trip around the bay. Discover its delights for yourself. Most things are within walking distance from the city centre.

Ideally situated in its bay, fringed by beach forests and lush scenery, yet bustling with life, Aarhus offers an inspiring setting for the NUAS Communication Conference.

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