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2014.01.19 | Conference

PLEASE NOTE: Pick-up time for busses monday

Please note that there is pick-up for the busses from 07.40 monday morning. Watch practical informations for further information.

2014.01.19 | Conference

Change of language at workshop

The workshop "Social Media - what is the value?" has changed language from scandinavian to english.

2013.11.02 | Conference


New circus session raises the question: Is agenda-setting really a task for the universities?

2013.11.02 | Conference


New workshop where we will discuss how we can measure the value of communication initiatives targeting the social media. We are presently on the look-out for good cases.

2013.10.07 | Conference

The Children's University - Small answers to big questions in science

New session in Communication Circus. To be held in English.

2013.09.13 | Events

Guided tour on Aarhus University Campus

Aarhus University, has recently been nominated by Huffington Post as one of the 15 most beautiful campuses in the world. We have now decided to make a guided tour on the Campus.

2013.08.20 | Lecture / talk

Confirmed key note speaker: Gerry McGovern

We are proud to present Gerry McGovern as keynote speaker at the conference.

2013.08.20 | Lecture / talk

Confirmed key note speaker: Martha Gabriel

We are proud to present keynote speaker Martha Gabriel from São Paulo, Brazil.

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