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New circus session raises the question: Is agenda-setting really a task for the universities?

2013.11.02 | Steffen Longfors

Universities are an important part of society and they are under a legal obligation to exchange knowledge and participate in the public debate. But university managements are often reluctant to voice their opinions on important social issues - even though the deans, vice-deans and department heads have important knowledge and strong opinions on research policy, education and cooperation with the business world.

At Aarhus University's faculty of health sciences, Health, we have worked during the past year to motivate the management to voice its opinion in the public debate - proactively as well as reactively. This is difficult, particularly because consideration for politicians, cooperation partners and not least internal stakeholders often block the way for clear statements.

The session presents the process and our experiences with agenda-setting at the AU and the challenges associated with agenda-setting and participation in the social debate. Furthermore, we discuss if agenda-setting is a task for the universities.

The session is held by Ulla Krag from Aarhus University.

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