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Guided tour on Aarhus University Campus

Aarhus University, has recently been nominated by Huffington Post as one of the 15 most beautiful campuses in the world. We have now decided to make a guided tour on the Campus.

2013.09.13 | Steffen Longfors

The Campus design includes a wide variety of buildings over a large space, but each building is composed of the same yellow brick and roofing tile, giving the whole campus a unified look. Construction commenced in 1932 and has continued into the 21st century. The original main building was one of the first Danish functionalist public buildings and has been included in the Ministry of Culture's canon of Danish architecture; it is acknowledged as one of the twelve most meaningful architectural works in the cultural history of Denmark. C. F. Møller and his company have continued as architects of the campus ever since. The main buildings of the university are placed in and around a beautiful hilly landscape, The University Park, which has been expanded throughout the years. In a harmonic interplay with the hilly park, the yellow buildings form a beautiful campus which has received international recognitions.

Aarhus University has a long tradition for collaborating with the most distinctive contemporary artists. The university has one of the largest art collections in the city, and the numerous paintings featured on its yellow brick walls include works by Egill Jacobsen and Jens Birkemose. In 2001, Per Kirkeby completed the imposing ceiling painting in the Lakeside Lecture Theatres, but Preben Hornung’s mural from 1963, hanging in the Hornung Room ( Hornungstuen ) in the Student House, invokes attention in this context.

Sound and picture: See examples of the architecture at Aarhus University’s different locations

The tour will be a walk through the park and inside some of the buildings. It starts a little later and is a little shorther than the guided citytours.



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