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New workshop where we will discuss how we can measure the value of communication initiatives targeting the social media. We are presently on the look-out for good cases.

2013.11.02 | Steffen Longfors

Everyone talks about it. Many try them out, but the value of communication initiatives targeting the social media is rarely measured.

What is Edgerank? Can you recruit students through Facebook? How to use LinkedIn as an organisation? Can the police solve crimes using Twitter? These are some of the questions we will be addressing.

At the workshop we will present four cases relating to four different social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. The aim is to build practical insight into these media and to challenge the communication strategy chosen in each of the projects. We offer our view on how to measure the value of the initiatives and on which success criteria you can employ.

During the workshop, social medial expert Katrine Thielke will boost our understanding of social media used for strategic communication. We introduce commonly used measurement tools and evaluate their ability to assess if a social media initiative has an impact on the organisation's business activities.

If you have examples of good cases, preferably from the university sector, please tweet us on #NUAScase before 1 January. You can also mail your suggestions Janne Bavnhøj at

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