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Speakers who are doing their session in english

Martha Gabriel - Keynote speaker

Martha Gabriel is a writerconsultant, MBA professor and an acclaimed keynote speaker. Author of 5 books, including the bestseller "Marketing in the Digital Age", she is ranked by KRED as a worldwide Top 50 Marketing Blogger and was also listed among the 100 Top Web-Savvy Professors 2012 by Best Online Universities. A PhD in art, Martha also has a background in both engineering, marketing and design. Her acclaimed artworks have been exhibited in many prestigious exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, including the Florence Bienniale. Furthermore, Martha Gabriel has given 3 TEDx presentations. 


Monday 09.00 - 10.00  Transmedia Storytelling in Marketing of Higher Education (Keynote)
Monday 10.10 - 12.00 Content Marketing Strategies for Universities (Workshop)


Gerry McGovern - Keynote speaker

Gerry helps large organizations  become more customer centric on the web. His clients include Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, IBM, Atlas Copco and Tetra Pak.

He is the founder and CEO of Customer Carewords, a company that has developed a set of tools and methods to help large organizations identify and optimize their customers’ top online tasks.

He is the author of five books on how the web has facilitated the rise of customer power. His fifth book, The Stranger’s Long Neck, was published in 2010.

The Irish Times described Gerry as one of five visionaries who have had a major impact on the development of the web. He has appeared on BBC, CNN and CNBC television, partaken in various radio shows, and featured in numerous print media publications. Gerry has spoken about top task management in more than 35 countries.

He began his web career in 1994. In 1996, Nua, a company he founded, received the Best Overall World Wide Web Business Achievement Award from the European Union.


Gerry McGovern will be giving a keynote and a workshop based on his latest book titled ”The Strangers Long Neck - How to Deliver What Your Customers Really Want Online”. He will present a set of tools and methods to help universities identify and optimize their customers’ top online tasks.


Tuesday 09.00 - 10.00  The Web communicator’s dilemma (Keynote)
Tuesday 10.10 - 12.00 How to identify your customers’ top tasks (Workshop)


Jesper Højberg Christensen

Jesper Højberg Christensen helps boards and management developing and maintaining strategies. Some of his more recent projects have been to look at how universities communicate strategically – or don't!

Jesper is the founder and chairman of the board for Advice A/S (consultancy services in all aspects of communication and branding) and he has been a huge factor in defining the business of communication strategically over the last decades. Jesper has written many articles and books. The latest being ”Når forretningen kommunikerer. Topledelsens nye strategier”, Gyldendal 2010 and he has stated several companies e.g..  Advice Digital og K-forum.

Jesper always has an opinion about communication – not aways the most compliant one. Read more on his page

Jacob Søby Bang

Kreativ, involverende og innovativ kommunikationsiværksætter. Har som leder og rådgiver igennem de sidste 10 år skabt tydelige resultater i samspil med komplekse organisationer, virksomheder og netværk. Særlig stærk inden for ledelse, konceptudvikling, strategilægning og det at drive udviklingsprojekter og kommunikation på en måde, så de berørte tager ejerskab. Uddannet cand.comm. og efteruddannet inden for ledelse, coaching og proceskonsultation.

Linda Carlsson


Linda is project manager and works as coordinator for external communication at Stockholms University. She has several years of experience with communication strategy, branding and relation marketing. Before Linda started in the university sector, she worked with The interactive STudio and in projects connected to Telia and Ericsson.

Annika Engström

Annika Engström is head of unit for the Communication Group at the Department for Communication and International at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. She has years of experience with Strategic Communication and brand management. Earlier on she worked at a Communication Bureau with both national end international customers.

Jón Örn Guðbjartsson

Jón Örn Guðbjartsson, director of marketing and communication of the University of Iceland, has a MA degree in public relations and business communications and an MBA degree from the International University of South Europe, Barcelona. He has an MA degree in Icelandic literature from the University of Iceland as well.

Jon has immense experience in utilising intergraded communications tools, controlling PR & crisis management and winning new markets for new products and companies’ worldwide by using intergraded communication tools. He was a Marketing and PR director in the software and business consultancy business from 1993 to 2005, where he directed marketing and sales of Microsoft compatible solutions worldwide. He pioneered software and business consultancy companies from start-ups into profitable businesses and branded new software with extensive results in international markets.

For the last six years Jon has been rebranding the University of Iceland. The University is a progressive educational and scientific institution, renowned in the global scientific community for its research. It is a state university, situated in the heart of Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. 

Daniel Noesgaard

Daniel Noesgaard er museumsinspektør ved Medicinsk Museion, Københavns Universitet. Han arbejder med formidling af biomedicinsk og især metabolisk forskning og eksperimenterer med forskellige web-platforme og sociale medier som det primære kommunikationsværktøj. Han er formelt set cand.scient. i molekylær biomedicin, men har en fortid i it-verden, hvor han har arbejdet med alt fra netværksopsætning til domæneregistrering.


Communication Circus  Science communication using Twitter

Charlotte Autzen

Charlotte Autzen is Senior Executive Adviser in the Communication Department at the University of Copenhagen, where she is head of the team that coordinates both internal and external communication at the university. Charlotte has a background in physics and science communication. After working ten years as a weather forecaster at the national meteorological institute and another ten years as weather presenter and science program planner on national television, Charlotte started as a communications officer at the university, where she has worked for the last eight years. As part of her current job, she is also doing a PhD study exploring strategies behind international research communication from universities.


Tirsdag 10.10 - 11.20: Sharing your research news on international markets

Nancy Bazilchuk

Nancy Bazilchuk is an American science writer who now works as a journalist and web editor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Her freelance stories have appeared in,, Audubon, New Scientist and Conservation magazine, among others. Before moving to Norway in 2002, she spent 15 years as the environmental and science writer for The Burlington Free Press in Vermont, where her work was recognized with numerous national awards, including the AAAS Westinghouse Science Journalism award (now the AAAS Kavli award) and Gannett Corp.’s Outstanding Writer of the Year Award. In 1996-1997, she was a Knight Science Journalism fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Tirsdag 10.10 - 11.20: Sharing your research news on international markets

Jeanette Tenggren Durkan

Jeanette is the Adminsitrative Co-ordinator for an inter-disciplinary research centre, unique to Europe; The University of Gothenburg Centre for Person-centred Care (GPCC), where she works mainly with internal and external communication. She has a background in cultural studies and museums, but has worked with administration and communication in higher education, particularly in medicine, for many years. She strongly believes in the meeting between persons and/or cultures as the birth place of innovative thoughts and ideas.


Communication Cirkus: Ubuntu – using culture to communicate research

Helene Brøndholt Nielsen

Helene is responsible for CBS' alumni relations program that uses LinkedIn as a central platform for creating and maintaining the connection between CBS and their graduates. Helene holds an MA in Communication and has a background in digital concept development, project management and change leadership in the private sector.


Communication cirkus LinkedIn as part of the alumni relations toolkit

Mikala Gyllinge

Mikala has worked with alumni relations since 2007, and has thereby acquired considerable knowledge on the subject. Mikala has in particular experience with communication, stakeholder management and strategy- and project development, and work in-depth with LinkedIn, both as a tool on a daily basis and in connection with the development of the IT-platform.


Communication cirkus LinkedIn as part of the alumni relations toolkit

Olle Terenius

Olle Terenius is an associate professor of biology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). At SLU Olle Terenius has taken the initiative to get scientists to use Wikipedia as a tool for science outreach.


Communication cirkus Wikipedia as a tool for science outreach

Jessica Pettersson

Jessica Pettersson works for Åbo Akademi University, a Swedish language multi-faculty University in Finland. She is responsible for marketing communications as well as brand management for recruitment of students.


Communication cirkus From brochures to student magazine (in English)
Monday 15.30 - 16.30 Students as brand builders (in Scandinavian)

Eirik Lian

Eirik Lian works with NTNU’s national and international branding and sponsorship programmes, and is group leader for the marketing group at NTNU’s Communications Division. He has a Master’s in Management and Marketing from Heriot -Watt University in Edinburgh, and is also a graduate of the Norwegian Armed Forces Officer Training School. He plays an important role in the emergency preparedness training for NTNU’s management and communication staff.


Communication cirkus Crisis communication

Bo Hvass Pedersen

Bo is working in the new it-department (It services) at Aalborg University, where he is responsible for 4 softwaredevelopment teams who are making web-applications for the university. Bo finished an education as Librarian in 1994 and has worked with the internet ever since. Besides working with the homepage of Aalborg University, he has implemented an e-learning system which was rewarded by the Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation in 2005. One of the larger tasks rigth now is to implement the new responsive design on the many websites at Aalborg University. Bo is a permanent member of the webcoordination group at Aalborg University.

Olof Malmberg

Olof is area manager for Digital Communication at the Department for Communication and International relations at Umeå University and is responsible for the university intranet and the external website. He has worked with webproduction as developer, projectmanager and webstrategist in both the publich and the private sector since 1998.

Jaaksi Merja

Merja is working at Tampere University of Technology as a project manager. She manages web development projects and acts as PO in agile projects working with a team of IT- and communication specialists. 

She has 15 years of experience in web communications and development projects. She is also an editor-in-chief for the university webpages, the staff intranet, and the staff online magazine. Merja has a background in journalism and communications. 

Henriette Louise Jakobsen

Internal and external communication, visuel identity and corporate branding, campaigns, templates, translation, web, apps, social media and christmas cards. A sample of the small and big tasks solved in CBS' Communications, where Henriette has been teamleader since 2011. Before CBS' Communication Henriette was teamleader at CBS' library and back in 2007 she was head of the Communication department and the Library at the Danish Design School.


Monday 15.30 - 16.30 Do you help your graduates get a job? – Should You?

Janie Huus Tange

Janie has worked at Copenhagen Business School for 15 years covering areas such as career development, alumni, as head of communications and marketing and with international marketing and recruitment. She holds a MA in English and Rhetoric and an Executive MSc in Communication Management from Switzerland. Her main areas of interest are strategic and integrated communicatins and strategic use of social media in communication and marketing.


Monday 15.30 - 16.30 Do you help your graduates get a job? – Should You?

Per Ödling

Per Ödling is professor at Lunds University but situated at Ericsson AB in Stockholm. He is currently researching broadband communication. He has a special interest in technology driven business development and Community Development. 

Erja Hyytiäinen

Erja Hyytiäinen works at the University of Turku as a communication officer. She works with internal and external communication and one of her main tasks is to help scientists to popularise their study. 

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